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Product Line

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Since 1951, Criterion Products has been manufacturing folding gates, tarps, and related products in Los Angeles, California. Criterion has become a name synonymous with quality, service and experience. We offer 3 series of folding gates to meet the needs and budgets of each building owner or tenant. Whether to satisfy the demanding requirements of heavy industrial settings or the economy desired by the most cost conscious buyer, Criterion has a gate suitable for most any application. Chain gates – primarily used as closures on truck trailers – are another Criterion product. Tarps can be manufactured in a variety of materials and sizes for many uses. From “typical” truck tarps to fixed or portable welding screens, all Criterion tarp products are made to last. Decades of product design and manufacturing experience enable us to provide custom products to comply with special design and unique installation requirements.

DC Series Gates are designed for maximum durability and security. Double steel channels, which extend into the top and bottom tracks, are riveted together to form each vertical member.  Channels are connected with double rows of steel lattice bars traveling on nylon bearings and washers to operate with a minimum of effort. Leading and trailing edges are steel box shaped sections. DC series gates can be manufactured to almost any size.

EG Series Gates are value engineered to offer a balance between security and economy. Vertical members are single steel channels extending into the top and bottom tracks, alternating with steel flat bars, and connected with single rows of steel lattice bars traveling on formed steel glides for carefree operation. EG series gates are commonly provided up to 30’ wide and 12’ high, but even larger sizes may be available for some models.

LT Series Gates are performance-designed to meet the needs of the most cost-conscious buyer. Quality construction is achieved by the use of diagonal steel lattice channels in a diamond pattern riveted together through plated spacers for smooth operation. LT series gates are normally limited to 26’ wide with a standard height of 6’-6”.

Portable Gates – DC and LT Series gates are also available in fully portable versions on rolling stands for temporary usage in adjustable widths and a typical 6’-6” extended height.

Gate Cabinets can be provided to secure and conceal gates when not in use. Recessed steel cabinets with lockable hinged doors are available in “deep” and “shallow” designs for varying installation conditions.

NOTE: Most gates can be either single sliding or bi-parting, and can roll on floor casters or in top or bottom tracks.

Chain Gates are fabricated from horizontal and vertical rows of interconnected chain links in a square pattern suspended from a top track. They are typically used as easily operated collapsible sliding enclosures on truck trailers, but can be adapted to provide inexpensive access control for smaller openings on buildings as well.

Tarps are manufactured from waterproof S400 18 oz. PVC coated nylon with rip-stop mesh reinforcement, or a multi-mesh PVC coated nylon. They are available as either flat or fitted, in a choice of sizes and colors, and can be customized to include “D” rings, straps, vents, and more. Although primary uses are to provide weather protection or containment for hauled loads, they are also well suited for many other applications.

Equipment Covers can be fabricated from the same rugged tarp materials and specially formed to fit many different shapes.

Environmental Curtains made of tarp materials can be provided as sliding or vertical rolling units for a variety of uses such as privacy screens, bug screens or cargo covers on the rear of truck trailers.

Welding Screens maintain visibility of work areas while reducing welding arc glare. They are made from yellow or green transparent vinyl and are available as either fixed-frame or operable models for portable or stationary use.

Download a Printable Product Line PDF

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